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Organ Donor

Sun, 10 Sep 2017 04:35:59 GMT

Dear God, Today is the annual anniversary of Lorne's double lung transplant. I can remember how we agonized while waiting for the possibility of new donor lungs while his own lungs were quickly dying. Thank you for being there with us during those trying times. We dealt with guilt over thinking that someone else had to die in order for Lorne to live. We finally came to terms with that by realizing that a donor's last and most important wish is to give new life to someone else. It's an honor to the donor to accept their precious gift of life. Because of that gift, Lorne lived several more years beyond his expected life span. Thank you, God, for the loving spirit of that precious donor who gave the priceless gift of life. I ask a special blessing of comfort and peace for her family tonight. They are probably remembering this as the day their loved one died even as I am remembering this as the day my loved one was given life. This year I also have thoughts of gratitude for Jesus, who shed his blood and died as our spiritual life donor so that we might live forever. Poi gnant thoughts and reflection tonight on gratitude and sacrifice. May I never forget the previous gift of life--physical and spiritual.