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Wed, 16 Aug 2017 18:38:39 GMT

Dear Father, Thank you so much for saving us, that even though our former sins hurt you, we found mercy, forgiveness, and redemption because of your great love, grace, and patience toward us. We are so thankful that you "displayed your perfect patience with us". Thank you for those who were patient with me on my journey to find salvation and truth, and for those who continue to be patient with me as I grow in knowledge and faith. I'm grateful that I am not judged harshly or rebuked in a way that I am discouraged when I make mistakes. Help us also to be patient with others, especially our brothers and sisters in Jesus. When we get annoyed or frustrated with them, let us remember that your patience with us is our example of how we should treat others. Father, bless my congregation this week, all the least, the lost, and the lonely. Help the elders to shepherd us in your truth from your Word rather than from their own personal wants, or the opinions/desires of others. Don't let the wolves get us! Heal the physically and spiritually sick, and those with emotional issues. G ive encouragement to worried and stressed parents, to couples whose marriages are in trouble, and to those children and teens who feel they have no one to turn to with their problems. Forgive us our sins. We are weak and tend to follow our own ways rather than do what you say. We hurt each other and we hurt ourselves by our selfishness. Forgive us, Father. Help us to grow up, to realize what's important. To put away our petty differences and start looking to how we can serve others rather than the other way around. Most importantly we pray for the lost. Strengthen and encourage missionaries everywhere who are teaching the gospel. Help them to teach in such a way that the lost have a collision with Jesus. Help those who need to come home to God to reach out to someone who will lead them back. For those who need baptism for remission of sins, please give them courage to take that step. I love you, God. ❤️ Forgive my inability to show you just how much.