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Persecuted Christians/Missions 6/22

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 04:00:40 GMT

Heavenly Father, I pray tonight that you will bless and comfort the persecuted Christians in Yemen, Middle East and Sudan region. Give them strength and courage to face oppression from their enemies. Let them know you are with them in their trials, that a home awaits them in heaven if they hold on to their faith and not submit to those opposing Jesus as Lord. Bless, protect, and provide for all your missionaries across the world, especially Randal and Vickie, as they teach your gospel in Brazil. Bless, strengthen, and protect all newly converted as a result of their ministry especially Denilson, Emerson, Pedro and Karol. Keep all of them safe from spiritual wolves and false teachers. Strengthen the church plants in Brazil and use these new converts in a mighty way to share your good news with others. Bless Vicki as she shares the gospel. May she bring women to new life in Christ as she teaches and counsels them. Be with all WEI students and teachers across the world. Give the students insight and help them understand the lessons. Help the teachers to teach correctly and be an encouragement. For those students who choose to follow Jesus, please protect them from harm by opposing false religions. Help them to grow and be strong in their faith in Jesus. Please shine on all your people. Let us bring light to a dark world and be like shining stars in the universe for your kingdom. I love, honor, and praise you, God, and ask these things in the name of Jesus, my Lord.