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Petition for Inner Peace

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:05:04 GMT

Dear God, I praise and honor you. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Thank you for salvation and for loving me. Father, You promise to give me peace when I am anxious. Your peace is infinitely deep, unlike the peace provided by modern drugs and therapies. Your peace will protect my mind and heart; I need it today because I am feeling very anxious. I have "brain fog" from all the studying and so many changes in such a short time. I was so sure of my beliefs, but I have been mistaken in so many things. It's hard to adjust to this realization. I know you waited until I was ready. Until just the right time to teach me the truth. But now I am reeling a little and I need you to assure me everything will be ok, that my faith won't fall apart. Guard my mind from attacks by the enemy, and assure me that You are walking through this process with me. Lord, in a world filled with worry, your Word speaks of peace. I need that peace. I am trying to follow you the best I know how, Jesus, and to not sin. But I do. Please forgive and cleanse my heart of anything that displeases you. I know your peace will be with me as I obey you, As I give those things up you have shown me are false. Be close to me today, Father. I need you so much. Forgive my tendency to stress out. You are worthy of my trust and confidence. Please be with me and help me not to fall away. I worry about that, God. I have that fear. Never let go of my hand. Please. I could not survive without You or Your church. Flood my mind and heart with Your perfect peace.