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Praise and Submission

Wed, 31 May 2017 11:39:07 GMT

Dear Father, I come before you this morning , and thank you for this day of precious life. Thank you that I can see a beautiful sunrise, breathe in the fresh air, and even that I can feel pain. Thank you for supplying all I need, All praise and honor to You, my God, my Lord. My Comforter. I want to serve you, Father, with everything in my heart. I may not know everything I should, but God, when you saved me, your Spirit came to dwell in me, and I changed. I am not the same person. You gave me a purpose. And I want to bring that purpose to life! I am nothing without you, Lord, I realized that the moment my eyes opened after I came up from the waters of baptism. You saved me, Lord. I could feel your Spirit within me from that very moment. My life no longer belongs to me. It is yours to do with as you desire. Lord, I pray if ever I stand in the way of your will that you will move me! Move me, Lord, to the point I am in your perfect will, even if it hurts me. Let a fire burn inside me for You, Lord Jesus, so brightly, when people see me, they see You. Remove all my hindra nces and distractions by the enemy that keep me from being used by You. Please forgive my sins. You know my heart, Father, and my desire to serve you. So, please, Lord, hear my desperate cry to you. You are all powerful, all glorious, all magnificent, I can't move without you, God. It isn't worth even trying. I would cease to live without you in my life. Please hold me tight and keep me from ever wandering away from you. Thank You for the blood of Jesus, for his resurrection, and for breaking the chains and giving freedom to those who turn to you. Your will be done, Lord. I give you all praise, honor, and glory.