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Prayer for Friends

Wed, 31 May 2017 12:01:10 GMT

Father, I want to pray for the daughter of my friend, Sue. Her daughter's husband is abusive and she lives in fear. He claims to be a Christian, and is active in church, but he is in bondage and darkness. Please protect this family and bring the husband to repentance and the light. Let his deeds be exposed to others and protect his wife and two children. Father, I also ask that you bless and help my friends Jacquie and Larry as they continue to search for meaning in their lives. Be with Ann who is so bitter at the church. Be with my nephew and his family who have recently expressed a desire to think about going to church. All these people, Father. They all need you. Help them to turn to you. Help me as I talk to them. Help me to be a better example of your love to them. Father, I rejoice at Lisa's baptism Sunday! Please help help her to grow in knowledge and understanding, and help me to do the same as I begin to study with her.