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Sat, 01 Jul 2017 21:30:16 GMT

Thank you for this beautiful day. It's so good to look through my window and see my nephew and his wife working in the garden together. A year ago it didn't look so good for them. Their marriage was in danger. Their family was stressed to the max, and the girls were emotionally upset from hearing the arguing. But the girls prayed, and I prayed, and I'm sure the parents also prayed...and you answered! You intervened and saved that marriage. You brought peace to their family. You saved the parents from separation, and the girls from irreversible heartbreak. The girls have seen you work in all our lives, and they strongly believe in you and in prayer. They pray for others now including their parents and me. I am blessed you brought them into my life, that you trusted me with them even with my own brokenness. You knew my heart. You knew that someday I would heal. You believed in me, Father, even when I couldn't believe in myself. I owe you everything. I give you praise and honor and all the love I know how to give. ❤️ Keep us faithful, Father, please protect us from this sinful world. I know we will all face more choices in life, please help us to make the right ones. I also pray for my great-nephew. He has greater challenges, and greater temptations because he does not have a home church to help him. I pray for his parents that you will help them see their need for you, for going to church, and for being a Christian example to their son. They are good moral people, but they need Jesus. Help them, Father, Please. Help my nephew and his wife to make the decision to come to church as they have promised me they will do. Their son wants to come, and time is crucial with him being almost 17. The world tries so hard to pull him away from his heart's desire to serve God. Don't let the world succeed and ensnare him. Protect him from the enemy. I pray for other family members who need to draw closer to you, for my brother and sister-in-law, and for my lost friends who need you. Help them to search for and find the truth of how to come to you to be saved. I pray especially for my friends who are feeling pain from the sin of infidelity. I pray for the guilty party that you will convict him of his need for forgiveness and bring repentance and restoration to his life. Help him to seek godly counsel for prayer and accountability. I pray for the wife who has so much pain and shock that she cannot even cry. Help her to have cleansing and refreshing tears as she grieves her broken relationship. Help me to be a good friend, to say the right things, and know when to be silent. Give us all a spirit of forgiveness.