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Save a little Person

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 01:23:39 GMT

2/20/17 Dear Holy Father, I petition you tonight for the life of an unborn baby whose mother is considering an abortion. I know this baby would go to be with you, Father, but it is such a sin on the mother and father's part to end its life. Don't let them commit murder, God, for their sake and the baby's. They don't see it as a person yet, and so do not have a problem with just throwing it away. I ask that you please flood their minds with thoughts of the baby's little fingers and toes, and it's beating heart. Let the mother feel it's heartbeat in a way that she knows there is life, human life, inside her. Take all fear from having the baby away from both the mother and father. Let them know there are couples who would do anything to raise their child. Surround them with your love so strong that they can't help but feel a love for the baby. Save this unborn little person, please Lord.