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Wed, 18 Oct 2017 15:38:41 GMT

Dear God, Praise you for this beautiful, sunny, breezy October morning! Thank you for so many blessings among them my very life. Thank you for my family and friends who love me. That I have a home, transportation, food and clothing. Heat in winter and cool in summer when I need it. For financial means to provide for myself and help others. Thank you for my health that I can still use my 5 senses to experience the world around me. So many other things to thank you for but these are just a few. Most importantly, thank you for salvation, for sending Jesus to save us as we were drowning in our sins. Some day those of us who love and obey you will meet you in person. That will be awesome! Someday, you, the giver of all things, will invite us to live with you forever.