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Waking Up

Mon, 17 Apr 2017 09:23:56 GMT

Dear God, It's 3:40 in the morning and I just woke up. I'm lying here in the dark, except for my phone, thinking about you. I'm thinking how amazing you are, and how your plans for me are so much better than I can imagine. I know you said something like that in your Word; I just don't know where. I think Jeremiah . I will look it up when I get up, promise. I love you , Father. I love the way you held my hand the past few days, and guided me through what seemed like a jungle of confusion, anxiety, and depression. Thank you for staying with me and not letting me slide back toward darkness. Even though I stumbled, you didn't let me fall. Thank you for the friends who stood by me like prayer warriors, and helped me to make it through that spiritual jungle. Even though it seems like I have been in that place many times, you've always been with me. You always bring calm and peace to my soul and heal me of any wounds inflicted by the enemy. I don't understand this, God...why there are so many battles, and why your will is often so unclear for me. Maybe the broken yea rs were just that...broken. Maybe you are still healing me, and my soul is in your spiritual hospital. You saved my life and now I belong to you, but maybe I am still in Your ICU. Regardless, I feel your peace this morning and for that I am grateful. Praise you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! I love you so much! Please forgive and cleanse me of all sin. As I go back to sleep, be in my dreams and continue to whisper peace to my spirit.