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What's Wrong With Me?

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:59:30 GMT

3/29/17 Dear God, I don't know what's wrong with me today. I feel out of sorts. Unsettled. Semi-depressed. I feel guilty, but it's irrational guilt about things I can do nothing about now. I'm feeling insecure if my brothers and sisters really accept me, or think I'm just weird. I'm doubting that the people I've invited will ever come to church, and I'm thinking somehow I must be doing something wrong. I don't feel well physically and worry that it may get worse over the summer when it gets really hot. Stupid stuff. Why am I doing this to myself? Why the useless anxiety when you say plainly to cast my cares on you? How can I change it? I think about King David and what he did during his ups and downs. He repented it seems like every other day which it also seems like I need to do. So, like him, I repent of this negative attitude and ask that you forgive me and once again fill me with your joy and peace. I will praise and thank you! Thank you for life itself and my family, friends, home, food, clean clothes, and clean water. Thank you for the many spiritual b lessings that I have in Christ! I praise you for your goodness toward me, that you brought me out of darkness, cleaned me up, forgave me, and made me your daughter!! I love you God! You are awesome and powerful beyond words yet gentle as a mother's kiss. You understand my moods and love me anyway. You are my reason for existence and the desire of my heart!