In Spite of Mood

Lord of all, you love in spite of mood —
What joy to know that what I feel —
With constant ups and downs — my attitude
Does not reflect your mind — your love is real.

Your mercy cheers me — grace, that daily morsel —
I, like the sparrow hopping on the ground,
With beak dipping here and there for his portion —
What wells of peace and strength in Christ I’ve found!

So raise me up from little dips of sorrow —
This foolish heart so heavy with its burden —
For Jesus is the same today, tomorrow!
Remind me of the Savior’s blessed mountain!

2 thoughts on “In Spite of Mood

  1. Lois Mecord

    In Jesus’s name, Amen. This prayer is just what I want to say every day but I have never said it as eloquently as you just oenned. Thank you for this prayer.


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