Help the indecisive to follow the Lord

For those who have learned the truth but have yet to obey it, Lord, we pray. Possession of the truth is precious. So few have heard the gospel. To be blessed by someone sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Yet some do not act. Some fail to respond. They do not reject it outright. They speak well of your messengers and your revelation. They are attracted to life in Christ. But they linger in indecision.

Father, by what means you move in this world, we confess we do not know. How your providence manipulates unseen the forces in play, we have no idea. We do understand that you will not save apart from hearing and obeying the Word. You do not offer a second option, nor do you impose your will upon anyone.

Understanding that, we still ask that in some way you may work in the circumstances of life to help the indecisive come to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have seen it happen. The death of a child prompts a father to ask for baptism so that he may meet him again in eternity. Financial ruin causes a man to realize that material things are fleeting and that only invisible realities are solid.

Father, we wish no ill upon anyone. We want all to be well in this life. But more than anything, we want — as we know you want — people to be saved.

So we ask that you work, as we work under your direction with your gospel, so that friends, family, and acquaintances may be saved.

Be it through another word of exhortation, another demonstration of godly love, another example of righteousness against the backdrop of this evil world, let them be saved, O God.

For in the end, you tell us, and we believe, that nothing else matters. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.