Prayer for those influenced by false teachings

Father, I pray for those who are being influenced by false teachings, that they may be snatched from the fire. Let them see the dead end they’re being led into. Let them discover that they are being fed false knowledge. Help them to see the bitterness and the rebelliousness that lurk behind the lies. Make them feel the sense of superiority and the arrogance of those who hold to deadly doctrines.

Put faithful brethren in their path to prevent them from going astray. Let them listen to those who speak truth in love. Help them to perceive the genuine concern of the true family of faith.

Father, give them humility to accept the truth. Show them good examples of those who worship and serve you in spirit and in truth. Let them know the joy and peace of certainty. Bring them to confess the Spirit of truth and the Lord who is the way, the truth, and the life.

1 thought on “Prayer for those influenced by false teachings

  1. Karen

    Amen. Thanks for this prayer. Please pray that I will be able to work through some lingering beliefs from false teaching. I know God is helping me because I am seeing things so much more clearly than a few months ago, but I still need his help in this area.


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