Lazy minds

Our Father in Heaven,

Our minds are often lazy. Our understanding is limited. We are not used to reasoning. We are moved by emotion or social pressure. Our attention is taken by the media and entertainment. We no longer know how to think in a logical and sequential way.

Wake us up, Lord, to hear the Good News of Christ. Awake our thoughts by the love of the cross, by the strength of your word. Make us focus on your grace in Christ, so that its manifold nature may transform us to be true children. May your eternal plan amaze us with its simplicity and effectiveness.

Do not let our attention be diverted by politics, by sickness, by poverty, or by our needs, but let us feel the lack of your presence in our lives. May we always seek you and draw near in faith and humility.

Be our Savior and Guide at all times.

Christ is our Master and Redeemer, through whom we pray, amen.

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