Lies of the devil

O Lord, the lies of the devil bind me to him, but the truth of the gospel frees me to love and serve and rejoice in you.

Satan tells me that I am alone and powerless to resist. You have shown that you are always near and ready to help.

Satan whispers in my ear that if you really cared, you would not allow bad things to happen. You have revealed that your will is greater than any one event or moment of suffering.

Satan assures me that sin has no consequences. You have made it clear that transgression brings eternal perdition and the saddest of all results, estrangement from you.

Satan tells me that you want me to be happy, so I should seek that in my own way. You extend the joy that comes from knowing you and glorifying in the Cross of Christ.

Satan doesn’t want me to suffer for the Name, so I shouldn’t speak up for Christ when there is a chance of negative reaction. You have given me courage to face those who revile against the Way.

Let me identify these and so many other lies that the devil tries to pass off and reject them, every one. Bind me to the truth, that I might be free of the Evil One.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.