This life above all else

Praise to you, O Lord, for bringing eternal life to us in your Son Jesus Christ! Thank you for revealing it to us in him, and making it available to anyone willing to believe and obey.

We praise you for being the unchanging God who does not change at a whim your plan of salvation. We are grateful that we can know with certainty how to enter and remain in Christ, and for the power of the Spirit given to us in our new birth.

We want this life to be the most important thing to us. Help us to keep it at the forefront of our minds. May we seek it above all else, for it is life with you.

Open our mouths, O Lord, that we might speak of this life, of its availability in Christ, and of what one needs to do to enter this life. Put us in the path of those who want it. Let seekers find it, and use us to that end. And for those who don’t even know they want it, make our example and proclamation to reach them also and to produce in them the desire for salvation.

If you said amen to this prayer, please join us and share it with others.


Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.