Love not only the gospel

O Lord, let us love not only the gospel,
but also those for whom it was intended.

Let us rejoice not only in the truth,
but also in seeing that truth in action,
freeing those enslaved by sin.

Let us be not only people who stand for what is right,
but who also do what you approve.

Let us not only seek your face,
but also fulfill your will of saving the lost.

Let us not only feel sadness at our own sins,
but also at the sins that keep others from you.

Let us not only be disturbed by the disbelief of others,
but also repent at our own stubbornness
and failure to go out into the world to save others.

Let us not only be offended at the refusal of the rich to share,
but also at our own miserliness with the Good News of Christ.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.