Make Me Yours

Bold is what I want to be,
And loving, so that all can see
God cares and moves both heaven and earth
To bring about in man that birth
That makes him sons of righteousness
And daughters in spirit, nothing less
Than fullest heirs, upward bound,
Above both gravity and ground.

O Lord, how can I not be bold,
Abides in me your Spirit of old,
How can I not have love as wide
As yours — For all men Jesus died —
For good and bad, for evil and just,
Since all return one day to dust?

Make me yours, a saint in name
And truth, unwilling to be the same
As men of this dying world, of flesh,
Renewing the mind, recalling afresh
The gift of life. Make me a man
Of courage and love, willing to span
The dividing gulf, in Jesus’ path —
And save us, save us all from wrath.

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