Your name is above all names

Our Father in Heaven, your name is above all names. Your glory outshines all others. Let your name be often upon our lips in reverence and respect, but never lightly nor frivolously.

May the reign of Jesus come to more and more lives. Let this world know that you rule as Sovereign. Help us speak so that many might be placed under your benevolent care.

Father, we want to do your will and are committed as your people to fulfilling it. Give us strength to obey your commands. Give us power to convert others, that they too might give up their stubborn wills in order to submit to you.

Help us be content with what we have. Provide for our needs. We rely upon your for our life, our strength, our health, and our livelihood. Give us and bless us, that we might be a blessing to our neighbor.

Above all, Lord, we ask for forgiveness for our sins. We confess our wrongs. Cleanse us with the blood of Christ that we might be pure and able to stand in your presence. Our hearts are sincere and we hold nothing against anyone.

Father, we know that the evil one works to remove us from your hand. Keep us secure. Help us to recognize temptation and to know its mortal end. Give us power to resist the devil. Keep him from preventing us doing your will and sharing your word.

Thank you for teaching us the way, for instruction in righteousness, for direction in prayer. We praise your name. Glory belongs to you. May Jesus Christ increase among us and in this world more and more. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.