Thank you for every new beginning


What a beautiful moment, the beginning of each day, Lord, singular opportunities to renew our service, zeal, and joy in the Holy Spirit!

What tenderness and celebration the joining of a man and woman in marriage, the start of a new life together, an intimacy equaled only by the gift of life in Christ!

What wonder and amazement, O God, the birth of a child, the joy of a grandchild’s arrival, to see a new generation spring forth, and to feel the responsibility of teaching them in the ways of righteousness!

What sweetness and pleasure, O Savior, in embracing your salvation anew at every opportunity, at each new opening of the Word, to read of your eternal project and to consider your commandments, to ponder your instruction and to put into practice the perfect law of liberty!

What privilege and sacred honor, our Rock and Shield, to be called to be light in a world of darkness, to sound forth the words of true grace, to fulfill your mission in a rebellious world, to be your chosen instruments to save souls for eternity, midwives of salvation for new births in every place, every day, for your eternal praise and glory!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.