We have no excuse

We have no excuse, O Lord who knows our hearts. You have revealed yourself to us in Jesus Christ and made that revelation available in Scripture. You have provided the way back to yourself. You freely give your Spirit to enable us in our faith.  We can pray to you at any time for our needs. You have left nothing to chance, with every purpose fulfilled, and every plan brought to fruition.

No fear is so great that it cannot be overcome. No shame is so sharp that it cannot be faced. No evil tears at the soul so much that it cannot be vanquished.

So we have no excuse, O God.

We repent of our attempts to justify ourselves, to explain away our disobedience, to place blame in others or even in you. We are responsible.

Much harm has been done in the name of religion and even in the name of Christ, but we understand that you are not to blame for the miseries that man inflicts upon man, nor for the pain and suffering caused by those thinking they do you service.

For all that, we confess that we are still without excuse and stand before you as sinners in need of redemption. You offer it to us in grace, and we accept, O Savior, your call to become your children. We thus pledge our obedience, now and forever.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.