You’re not merely a polite listener

Lord, I bumped into an acquaintance in a store yesterday. She talks nonstop. I almost feel sorry for her, because of whatever need she feels that keeps her talking all the time. After a while patience runs out, and I have to run away from her.

But you’re not like that with those who come to you constantly with their needs. You’re not merely a polite listener looking to escape the torrent of words at the first opportunity. You hear and respond. You answer prayer. You are glad when we come to you.

Thank you for your open door, for always welcoming us in our prayers, for working in us and through us for good. There is no one else for us. We have nowhere else to go but you. You hold out the hope of eternal life and the peace the passes understanding. The world gropes in the dark for some meaning and finds only scraps and tatters. Blessed be the Lord who calls us to love and purpose and fulfillment!

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