Not an exercise

Our Father in Heaven, let prayer not be for us a mere exercise, but rather the expression of our intimacy with you.

Keep passions from overrunning our time in prayer and meditation upon your word.

Prevent Satan from getting us sidetracked.

Show us the way of escape from temptation, and create in us the desire and will to take it.

Help us to explore all the paths of our life in Christ and to know the riches of his fullness.

Make us people of the simplicity of Christ, and help us recognize that there is no innocence or harmlessness in the slightest deviation from righteousness.

We know the details and specifics of what we would like for others to do for us; let us be diligent in knowing what we can do for others, in order to fulfill the golden rule.

Father, bless the new efforts in evangelism and the gospel across the world, that the Word might run and grow. For in these do people leave the grip of the world and enter, together with us, into the knowledge of your communion.

Bless us, O Lord, that we might in turn be a blessing to others. Amen.

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