Let our lives not be mere talk

As a servant of Christ and a steward of your great mysteries, Father, I want to be faithful. I ask your help that I might never falter nor fail in my responsability.

Let me serve without regard to human evaluations, but be always aware that you know the intentions of the heart. I work to receive my recognition from you.

Keep me from going beyond what is written. We have received all good things from you, so let us never be puffed up or proud of who we are or what we have, nor let us think that we can modify at will what has been entrusted to us.

Help us to imitate the faithful who have in their hearts the kingdom of Christ. We want to follow your ways in Christ. Let our lives not be mere talk, but power in the Spirit. May that power be shown in love and gentleness and, when the need arises, in discipline and separation from the rebellious and unruly.

We are grateful that you provide every blessing in Christ. Let us be content with your gracious provisions and with the hope of eternal life. Keep us from covetousness and all base desires of this life.

So do we pray in the spirit and name of Christ. Amen.

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