Oasis of peace

Father in Heaven, with the new year advancing quickly, time rushing by, life speeding on, let me live in the oasis of your peace.

Help me to be before I do.

Sanctify our people. Purify our motives and actions. Redeem us each day in our straying thoughts and wandering feet.

Bring our friends and family members to the truth. Convert them to Christ, away from sin and deceit. Rescue them from their doom.

Lead us to fight against our self-love and narrow interest, against the evil within and the wicked who would drown the righteous with their wrongdoing.

Hear our prayers, O Lord, as we strive for Christ to dominate our souls. We confess our sins. We struggle daily. We desire to root out the impulse to go it alone. We forsake what is wrong. Hear us, Lord, and save us!

Make us happy in the fear of your Name. Daily soften our hearts toward your will. Keep us from growing callous to righteousness.

Open to us the path of integrity. Steady our feet in this purpose. May your Holy Spirit produce in us all the fruit of righteousness and goodness.

Teach us to deal honestly and forthrightly with sin among us. Instruct us in how to rebuke and admonish. We confess our ignorance in this area. We recognize that sin is not an abstract concept, but a reality in the lives of all, a human decision. Give us wisdom to confront it within and among us.

I trust in you, not in myself. I want your wisdom. I desire to walk in your ways. Keep my feet from wandering.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.