Our Greatest Joy

Dear God in heaven,

You give us many joys
There’s much to enjoy on earth.
For this we give you thanks.
We also work under stress,
routines day in, day out.
Life is hard so often.
We suffer from our sins,
and others’ wrong choices.
Sickness drags us down.
Old age comes quickly upon us,
and death is never far.
It causes pain and fear.
So Christ is peace and love.
In him we find our all.
No one can take him from us.
Eternal hope is ours.
All glory alone is yours.

We pray in Christ, Amen!

2 thoughts on “Our Greatest Joy

  1. Aida

    Amém. Nosso olhos continuam olhando para ti, Senhor.
    Renove nossas esperanças e nossas alegrias nesses tempos pesados.
    Em Jesus


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