Overboard, the weights of this world

You, O God, must look down upon our strivings,
and shake your head in amazement —
we, who should stand in awe of you,
act in strange and foolish ways.

Of all this world’s possessions,
none compare to knowing you,
none withstand the test of time —
to know your goodness spans
the bridge to eternal happiness.

Draw us near you, God of love —
we’d mind the things of the Spirit,
pursue your good and perfect will,
engage in your enduring work.

Overboard, the weights of this world,
with freedom gained from truth,
the popular pressure to conform is gone,
our single goal to please you, Lord,
become the people we were meant to be.

3 thoughts on “Overboard, the weights of this world

  1. Paul Balch

    Thank you Randal, this shows much beautiful love and compassion for the Lord; I assume you will not mind me using this in Sunday’s bulletin.

    1. James Randal Matheny Post author

      Hi, Paul, not at all, feel free. Glad you thought it worthy of sharing.


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