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Show Me, O God

Teach me, Lord, to glory in weakness,
To love at all times, to live by your power;
Show me, O God, to walk in meekness,
To work with pleasure, to cherish each hour.

Father, use me for good in this world,
Let mercy abound and grace prevail;
Holy Spirit, make me your child,
Let no good deed of blessing fail.

We desire to do your will completely

Eternal God,
Give us endurance until the end,
Integrity of heart and hands,
Courage in the face of opposition,
Honor when our names are reviled,
Strength in the hour of temptation,
Love when others reject us,
Holiness in the midst of an immoral world. Continue reading

So Many Truths I Do Not Know

Christ does what I could never do,
He died my death, and brought me life;
He reconciled me back to you,
He gives me strength and keeps me safe.

So many truths I do not know,
And more to me are not revealed,
The heart is hard, the mind is slow —
But this I see: my future’s sealed.
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All the Secrets of My Soul

“We can talk directly to Him as our Father, telling Him all the secrets of our soul.” —Ruby Ramsey, A Daily Dose of God’s Word, May 18

All the secrets of my soul
Are yours to know, O Lord — I’ve told
Them time and again — Omniscient God
Who knows before the word is spoken!
But somehow you want to hear me say it.
In my unhiding, I ask forgiveness —
Strength in weakness — straighter paths —
Assurance of love — no shadow of darkness.
You sent your Son revealing your heart;
And here is mine, O God, complete.

Fear to witness the judgment of man

Father, I fear to witness the judgment of man.
It starts with us. You shall call to account
What we have done with the treasure of the gospel.
Basically, we’ve sat on it. With notable exceptions,
We created isolated kingdoms, a people
For our own pleasure, doing what suits us.
If Israel paid dearly for its disobedience,
For insubordination, worship of idols,
Abandonment of the one true God, then how
Much more shall we, the blood-bought Church of Christ,
Stand guilty for surrendering our gospel task?
O God, I and my people have grievously sinned.
Be merciful, O Lord, and raise up a nation
That carries your heart, desires your sovereign will
Be done and all be drawn to you in love.
Your name will be exalted. Woe to us
Who fail in the one thing we have to do.
For ’tis a fearful thing to fall in the hands
Of the living God for whom failure is not an option.

When All Are Gone

When all are gone and none is left,
When I of youth and health am bereft,
When tongue and pen no longer are deft —
Eternal are you, O God.

Forgotten, reviled may be my name,
My distant memory a motive of shame,
Upon my head a world of blame —
Eternal are you, O God.

The hours may pass in a blur of days,
But I would see to my choice of ways,
To find where falls your fullest praise —
Eternal are you, O God.

Save me

Heavenly Father,
save me from dying in the desert
because of my discontent —
Let me find reason for gratitude.

Only God,
save me from the pleasure of idolatry,
from deifying desire —
Let me know the true and living God.
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On This Truth Hang All Our Prayers

So pray this way:
Our Father in heaven,
may your name be honored,
—Mt 6.9

God eternal, you are Father! —
On this truth hang all our prayers —
Love unknown upon this planet
Comes to us from highest heaven,
Son of God, the very essence,
Sacrifice of man’s redemption —
Grace on grace — O Lord, what mercy!

Why Should You Take Note of Me?

Eternal God, all praise is yours,
All glory, honor, power, and might!
What wisdom adorns your worthy crown!
You are love, and you are light. Continue reading

Beyond a Life of Self

Move us beyond a life of self
To your most glorious kingdom reign,
Where words are spoken on Christ’s behalf,
And deeper meaning is given to pain.

I think too much of me and mine —
Let Jesus occupy my thoughts —
Let life be engaged around your throne,
And heart embrace the enduring Cross.

The World Is Large, and I Am Small

The world is large, and I am small,
What can one person do?
It seems to be an order too tall
To pull just myself through!

How, then, to bring another soul
To love and serve the Lord,
Much less to make the world my goal?
For that, how small’s my sword!

O God eternal, open my eyes
To power beyond my mind,
To love where saving deeds arise,
To words that seek and find.

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I’d ask one thing

Of all the prayers that I could pray,
Requests that I could make,
I’d ask one thing: my dying day
At Jesus’ feet to wake.

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