Believing Prayer

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We ask and know

Blessed Father,

When we ask of you in prayer, we know that you hear us and answer. We believe, O Lord, that we have received it.

Your promise is sure. You never fail. You are faithful in all you say. Your word is certain.

Thus, we believe you will give us what we ask, or better. We know the power is not in us. Not our righteousness, but your mercy leads you to answer us.

We submit ourselves to your will, as did the Lord Jesus. Your goodness causes us joy. Thank you, God of all mercies, for your presence and the demonstration of you glory.

You are

Our Father in Heaven —

You are only God and Shepherd, ruling with your rod, guiding with your staff;

You are Source of love and life, shining forth and speaking words of power;

You are Savior, reaching down, absorbing our guilt, welcoming back, restoring souls;

Praise and glory and honor and power belong to You!

Your Touch of Love

The world is busy working, ignoring
Your call to be saved, in Christ, your grace,
Your tender mercy, your touch of love.

O God, and in me, too, I hear
The stirring of resurgent flesh —
Come douse its flame, let die desire!

Rouse in me the resurrection,
O Father, alight eternal life!
To me, O Spirit, softly speak!

My Burden Too Heavy

Psalm 68.19

To you, O Lord, I surrender my load,
My burden for me too heavy to bear;
Rocky and dusty and long this road,
The covered skies breathe heavy air.

Because you carry me many days —
Step by step — forward I go;
And upward rises my hearty praise,
My Savior! — You in darkness I know.

May the lonely Jesus walk with me

Lord God who created all mankind with a benevolent purpose —

The Son of Man fulfilled the purpose for which you sent him.
He did your work and finished his task on earth.
Do so in me, as well, for I desire to do your will,
For love’s sake and in your perfect love,
To draw the sous of men to you, to know your presence.

O High, Exalted, Only God in heaven, who plans for good —

See me through to the end, with faith and joy and peace.
Keep life’s sufferings from turning sour the heart,
And disappointments from making me bitter against you.
Show me your hand in all you do, keep doubt far from me.
May the lonely Jesus walk with me, with steps of grace.


God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Give me deep acceptance of where I am at this stage in my life and of my struggles, trials, and challenges.

Thank you for them all.

Help me to see beyond self, to give up the importance placed on my own thoughts and plans, and to deny self for the experience of the cross.

Thank you for calling me out of self.

Save me from the temptations of Satan, from the pull of the world, from the desires of the flesh.

Thank you for power and will to resist.

Use me to put forward the Good News of our Savior, to make a clear case for faith, to urge others to action according to your revelation.

Thank you the calling of service.

Remove us from ourselves

The Chosen One has come to save us!
He came because you sent him, speaks
Only what you told him to speak.

What heavy price you paid to rescue
Our souls from sin and reconcile
Estranged creatures to yourself!

O Present One, be with us — come
Within our midst and in our hearts
Abide, both now and evermore.

Outside yourself, all-sufficient,
You made us, gave us freedom of choice,
Allowed us Will to love or leave.

Remove us from ourselves, O Lord,
That truest blessing might be ours,
To love and know Unselfishness.

Captain of My Soul

Oh, Sovereign God —

Jesus is the captain of my soul,
For I submit my stubborn will to his;
My feet will follow every careful step,
The path to glory passing by the Cross.
O Father, give me eyes for love alone,
Its reaching rays to pierce the dark and rain,
To guide until the proving race is run.

From whom rejoicing flows

Father from whom rejoicing flows —
The world tries so hard to be happy,
But sadness reigns among the many.
The Lord Jesus as Man of Sorrows
Brings joy to every open heart —
To him I open my heart for change,
To welcome the eternal news of gladness.

Lord, spring forth!

O God who covers the desert with a field of flowers —
Make this barren life bloom in variegated grace,
Bring bubbling water to run in dry channels of the heart,
Cause laughter to be heard in the midst of a mourning world,
Righteousness a flood, and justice the rain to refresh the earth.
Lord of all, spring forth in marveled wonders among your people!

Jesus and me

Father, the lack of zeal in self dismays me. Jesus died for the zeal he felt for your house. Ignite my fervor for your kingdom.

And not only in me, but in others diligence is missing. Jesus did all your will and spoke just as you told him. Give your people that same dedication, that same attention to detail and to the larger picture.

How far I feel from your holy nature! Jesus sanctified himself in order to know and please you. Purge me of all defilement, for I desire to see you after this earthly life has ended.

My love is imperfect, I still judge people by appearance, often sizing them up by what they might could do for me. Jesus loved everyone, offered them acceptance, was willing to give opportunity to all to be a part of his family. Perfect your love in me, so that I might see every person as one of your special creatures.

Our minds are small

Our minds are small, but you, O Lord, know no limits. Expand our horizons.

Our hearts are divided, Father, but you are one. Give us integrity.

Our souls are lost, O God, but you are Finder and Savior. Redeem us from the grave.

Our bodies feel the burden of sin, O Holy Spirit, but you are incorruptible. Give us eternal life.

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