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A Christmas prayer

Heavenly Father, we are grateful for this fine day, surrounded as we are with good food, beloved friends and family, and the blessings of life in Christ. Whatever our trials and pains, we are grateful to be your children, disciplined by your love.

We thank you for the eternal hope that gives us joy in the present. We thank you for the faithfulness of Christ who brings us daily peace. We thank you for the knowledge and strength that comes from the Spirit. We thank you for the family of faith, who accepts us in our weakness and corrects our errors.

We are glad to share our blessings, Father, and especially the greatest one of all, your presence in our midst and in our hearts. Give us opportunities to proclaim Christ. Let us see every person who does not follow him as your desire for fellowship. Let material things not blind us to the spiritual need.

In our bounty, let us feel the need for growing to maturity. In our need, let us know the fullness of Christ. In our fullness, let us praise the God who contains heaven and earth in his hand.

Father, we praise you and sing about your great doings; we glorify you for realizing your plan of salvation in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Divine Approval

Job 19.23-29

O Lord, what desire to be found right,
even in the end, after our days!
When we are gone, we want others to know,
that we were righteous, just as Job
wanted his words written down,
chiseled in stone forever.

There must be—has to be—someone
to stand up finally, who’ll rise to speak
on our behalf and show that we,
after all, had integrity.

When all is gone and swept away—
our skin, our skill, our flesh and will—
we want no human approbation,
but only yours, divine, One
who always lives to intercede,
who brought to light eternal life
through his cross.

Though all be against us, we cannot bear
to be estranged from you—here lies
our deepest fear and agony.

Let Christ fill your holy sight
on judgment day, as we hide ourselves
behind him, claiming his righteousness,
our names inscribed in purest blood—
no cause in stone, but in our hearts
his washing and your Spirit of truth.

With hope, our hearts shall never faint;
with Christ, we do not fear your judgment.

Blistered Feet

O Lord, my feet are blistered and bruised,
My old shoes are worn and used,
My soles are broken, the skin is tough,
The ground where I walk, uneven and rough.

How often have I stubbed my toe?
At times I stumble, the going is slow,
But forward on the path I press
And still walk on in trial and stress.

I carry my weight, and a brother’s load,
This thought I bear on the dusty road:
If you, my God, can wash my feet,
The way of Christ I’ll surely complete.

Our Father, Thank You

Heavenly Father, thank you for life
In Christ — for minds that seek to know
The reason why we’re here — for hearts
That feel emotions, good and bad —
For wills that choose what pleases you —
For bodies of living sacrifice —
For eyes that see and ears that hear —
For limbs that reach for heaven — for lungs
That breathe the Spirit’s air — for hands
That work — for feet that move the gospel
Into the world — for knees that bow
In grateful prayer and ask of you,
The source of all that’s good, to give
Our daily bread — for yearnings of hope
That cry, “Lord, come!” and watch the sky
For signs and angels and rolling clouds.
Our Father, thank you — for today,
For now, for planting us firmly here,
Where we are at present, not
Another place or better time —
For discipline, testing, proof of faith —
For inching forward our commitment —
For faithfulness of your word of promise
On which we count — for love that dies
And lives again in Christ — Ah, yes!
Above all else, for love — Amen!

God cares more

“The moment you begin to blindly beg and plead with God to move on your behalf is the moment for you to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions. Do you believe God is a good God and your Heavenly Father? Are you praying out of a place of fear that perhaps he isn’t listening or that he won’t answer you unless you prove to him how desperate you are? Calm your heart, remind yourself of the truth, and pray from a place of trust that God cares about your situation far more than you do. Pray with the sure knowledge that you are a child of God and that he knows your voice, and hears your weakest whisper.” — K. Walden.

I don’t know who the person is who said it, but the words ring true, especially that God cares far more than we do.

Lord, You Know

Lord, you know who needs the gospel truth,
To free them from the chains of Satan’s lies,
To live in perfect peace and certain hope,
To receive that purest love that never fails.

May I, O God, on hearing your surest word,
Know too who stands without the cleansing blood;
Give to your humble servant the courage of love
To speak the only message that saves the sinner.

No Reluctant Voice

Let me be, O Lord, no reluctant voice,
To speak that all might make the constraining choice,
Of perfect love that in the soul compels
To follow the Christ, to drink from living wells,
To come with courage to your graceful throne—
And, coming, let me never come alone.

Let There Be Blindness

O God, how hard to find what’s good and wholesome!
The world knows only what’s evil, vile, and loathsome;
Among your people make rule your love and kindness,
Toward race and age and wealth let there be blindness.
Let us see what you see from high in heaven,
And seek that place above where all’s forgiven.

Desire and Aim

Your way of wisdom, Lord, is my desire,
Your love of man, O God, I would acquire;
In holiness, like you I strive to live,
With free and generous heart, teach me to give.

To be like you, my Savior, my only aim,
To never end a day as I was, the same;
Perfect me, draw me upward, into the light,
To dwell forever upon your city’s height.

Sure of Your Good Will

Regardless, Lord, of this world’s worst,
In spite of evil and harm and ill,
Let us be sure of your good will,
And always put your kingdom first.

Let none spurn faith, let none ask why
You cause the innocent early to die;
Instead, may we all marvel how,
In patience, you let us live until now.

On Principle Let Me Stand

O Lord, remove from me that flat desire
To free myself, like cunning Pilate, to please
The clamoring crowd, and cowardly fearing the ire
Of others, making political moves to appease
The popular demand. On principle let me stand:
Commitment to Christ, forever faithful, strong
In truth, to suffer for love, the Word in hand —
My eyes on you, the Lord whose patience is long.

We Fall, with Faces to the Ground

Our Father in Heaven, your hand is out
To give redemption to fallen souls;
Obedient faith brings full remission
Of sins, to find in Jesus’ blood
The hope of life, that holy love
Whose boundless height cannot be measured,
Nor depth or width or length or cost.
Our human praises fail the price
You paid to pull us back to you.
We fall, with faces to the ground,
In all humility, in reverent fear —
The thought that you came near to us!

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