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How close I can get to Jesus’ example

Heavenly Father,

Help me to see how close I can get to Jesus’ example,
Not how close I can get to the edge of sin.

Let the Lord Jesus be my measure of goodness,
Not the failures of those I see around me.

Keep me from feeling superior in the presence of sinners,
But humble and repentant in the presence of Christ.

I pray your Spirit will keep me from falling,
Just as he strengthened the Savior all the way to the Cross.

We are all Job

O Lord, we are all Job, aren’t we?
The secret things belong to you.
Many things we could not understand, even if you told us.
You want us to learn to trust you.
Our strength is in our faith.
And our faith is so small!
Forgive us and help us in our lack.
We shall not curse or revile.
We believe, O Father, in your goodness.
Show us the future blessing.

Open Heaven’s View

In you, O Lord, we live and move
And breathe, to exist forever more.
From nothing you created me,
For the purest glory that Jesus wore.

The stars, my God, seem far away,
And farther still perfection’s goal.
The flesh is too much present here,
In distant light the eternal soul.

Our Father, open heaven’s view,
That we might know the end of war,
And see, with Christ, the faithful few.
From him let us not wander far.

To find the power that overcomes

God who rules in heaven above,

Keep me from running to people and places that appear to have the resources I’m looking for. The Israelites ran down to Egypt, and it did them no good. They thought the Egyptian military power would save them. Their dependence upon Egypt was exactly their problem. They trusted in man, rather than in the Lord. They used humanly wisdom, rather than yours.

Let me look to you, Holy One of Israel! I seek my help from your hand. You make the enemy fall. You give your people victory. You care for the humble.

You are the fire that consumes the adversary. Purge from my heart everything opposed to your rule!

Isaiah 31

Praise to God

John 1.1-18

Our Father in Heaven,

Praise to you for providing for your people, for Jesus who is for us fullness with grace upon grace.

Praise to you for the message of faith, that allows us the right to become your children, through your own will, and not the will of man.

Praise to you for Jesus, the Special One, who is with you, and become one of us, and showed us your glory.

Praise to you for grace and truth in Christ, that we might receive what we could never achieve, and know the Unknowable.

Praise to you for the light which shines and is never overcome, for the well-marked Path to your throne, for the life began at creation and recreated in your Spirit.

Praise to you for your invisible Spirit, now seen in the flesh of the Son of Man, demonstrating the glory too wonderful to look upon.

Praise to your for the Word, who speaks your mind and reveals your will and declares your purpose for our lives.

Waiting is hard

Father, waiting is hard, for we cannot see ahead.
We wonder if you’ve forgotten us.
Like Sarah, we think you might need an extra hand.
We think we must have it now.
What confusion between wants and needs!
Remind us that you do not fail.
That you often save and help at the last minute.
That you use this interval for our good.
You teach us dependence upon your grace.
Father, help me wait patiently, quietly.
I watch today for your generous hand.
And I will watch tomorrow and the next day, if need be.
As long as you see fit.

This prayer was inspired by a devotional mentioned here.

God’s to-do list

O Lord, what must your to-do list look like?
What perfect alignment between task and purpose?
Let my every thought today be given to your glory.
May every task of mine reflect my life and purpose in Christ.
Put my sanctification on your to-do list.

Ever more conscious of our need

Father, thank you for the gift of generosity. Show us more and more how to give freely and gladly. We want to be like you in this respect.

Life is a wonderful blessing. Time brings us closer to eternity, and we are grateful for its passing. Trials cause pain, but we rejoice, O Lord, for they cast us upon your care to find relief in your promise.

Make us ever more conscious of our need for salvation and of the subtlety of sin. Awaken us to the power of the gospel. Lord, strengthen us in Christ.

We all have your Spirit. Although our life experiences are different, we know we have equality in Christ and enjoy all the privileges and blessings of eternal life you provide us. The fullness of your presence is available to all, and we praise you for your love of every single soul.

Let us feel loved

Dear God, you desire to be near us.
We, too, desire it, or perhaps we don’t.
Distant from you, we choose our way,
create our loneliness.
Let us feel loved.

The souls of men are empty

The universe thrums in praise to your glory.
The mountains shake before your majesty.
The valleys are filled with your goodness,
But the souls of men are empty by choice.
Open our hearts, O Lord, to your presence.

No time for you

O Lord, the world rushes on in its small affairs, people with no time for you or for others, no patience to hear the word of truth because they are living a lie.

Keep me from going that way. Make me a crier of good news. Praise to you for showing me eternal glory. Your mercy and sovereignty have brought this gift.

Thank you for the peace of great hope, for living in the moment because we have heaven, for joy in the power of the Scriptures to save.

Because you love

Heavenly Father, from you comes life and peace and freedom.
Because you love, we breathe and move and exist.
Make life more precious to me every day.
May that preciousness be extended to others who walk in spiritual death.

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