For those in pain

Prayer for painRelieve the pain, O Lord, of those who suffer. We know you are willing to save and willing to help your creatures. We confess we do not know how you do that for best effect. But if pain must still be a part of life, a part of the body’s affliction, the mind’s questionings, the heart’s hurtings, make them serve still a good purpose in our walk with you.

For those in chronic pain, Lord, let us be patient, let them maintain strength of soul and joy in Christ.

For those in pain of family heartaches, give them solace in the brotherhood of Christ.

For those in pain of past mistakes, give them hope in the future of a perfect abode with Christ.

For those in pain of betrayal, let them be comforted with the faithfulness of Christ.

For those in pain of loss, may they be cheered with gaining Christ.

For those in pain of fears and anxieties of the future, assure their hearts with the presence of Christ.

For those in pain of death, let them see the cross and the resurrection of Christ.

And grant us that we might use our own pain to lessen the pain of others.

We know, O God, that by the pains of Christ we are released from the pain of our sins.

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