What a perfect pairing!

Your thoughts and plans, O Lord, are far above the human mind, for they are superior in quality, positive in nature, infallible in their outcome, and consistent as a whole. Let me think your thoughts! Make me a part of your plans! Impress upon me the words of your will in Scripture!

What a perfect pairing of your extraordinary power and your benevolent plans! For the helplessness of man, you bring rescue from outside of his capabilities. For the estrangement of man, you bring reconciliation in Jesus Christ. For the darkness of man, you bring the light of unity in the Lord. How wonderful to behold your work!

Let no temptation or sin or worldly interest obscure this light, O God. Purify my heart, cleanse my mind of unworthy thoughts, wash my soul clean from the pollutions of this world.

Make all struggles cease between the flesh and the Spirit, as a sign that the latter has full victory and complete control over me.

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