Instead of using empty words to assuage your conscience, try going and helping these children yourselves. Don’t “pray” and decide that it is all you should do. Why ask God to help them when he is the one that he put them in these situations! I don’t mean to say that I am better than anyone, I am not. Most of the time I think only of myself, I don’t volunteer or give money. I however, know this and don’t try to make myself feel better by “leaving it in Gods hands.” If these things do actually make you feel bad and move you in anyway, DO SOMETHING! Foster children or better yet Adopt, stop supporting anti-birth control, and as displeasing as it is, laws against abortion are leading to children suffering. Women who are raped and can’t abort are forced to have their rapists babies. Often they are given to adoption agencies where the spend years in foster care, possibly not ever finding a permanent home. If the mother keeps them they may suffer abuses, being constant reminders of such violence they may be victims of passive-aggressive behaviors or worse, physical abuse. Women in poverty may react similarly seeing them as the constant cause of money loss. I’m not saying this is every case but more pictures of the possibilities. Again, PLEASE do something to help instead of whispering words at the air.