Drag us from the closet

Father who knows the depths of every heart, you know that we often bring before you the same concerns and requests, but you also know that they are not vain repetitions, for they are sincere petitions, intense desires to see good accomplished and your name glorified among everyone.

Just as Jesus prayed three times the same prayer in the garden, and taught us to pray like the widow who refused to relent until the unrighteous judge ruled on her cause, let us not give up praying.

At the same time, keep us from prayer when we should be practicing. Drag us from the closet when we should be acting in obedience. Keep us from the prayer that is a delay tactic. Remove us from our pew when we should be in the streets proclaiming the Christ and serving our neighbor.

Keep us from prayer that is mere posturing and avoidance of doing your will.

But again, let us not act without prayer. Keep us from foolishness because we failed to ask your blessing, to seek your guidance, to request open doors.

Let our prayers be long or short, loud or silent, private and public, full of praise, stuffed with confession, chocked with lists of names, overflowing with gratitude.

And let us rise this day, having entered your presence, having sought your power and having received of your Spirit, to speak boldly the news of salvation and to serve humbly after the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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