When dreams are shattered

When dreams are shattered, O Eternal Architect, give us the vision of universal reconciliation for all who will repent.

When love is betrayed, O Heavenly Father, make us know your love more deeply.

When knowledge proves sterile, O Omniscient, may our knowledge of you satisfy completely.

When riches turn dull and no longer call us, O Endless Font, let your glory envelop us.

When the pursuit of peripherals loses its coolness, O Trinity, may we center ourselves in you.

When the desire of the eyes dims before us, O Holy Spirit, make the light of your truth shine more brightly over us.

When time betrays our bodies and the hours hold no more promise, O He Who Is, may your eternal Being sweep us into the heavens where death and pain are no more.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.