Prayer: Make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel


Lord, we don’t know how to make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel. Throw us out into the midst of the nations. Put us in the path of people headed toward perdition. Though we ask no miracle, send us to the lost, like Peter to Cornelius, Phillip to the eunuch, Ananias to Saul.

Open our eyes to the opportunities before us. Make us bold to engage others in conversation about our Lord Jesus Christ. Permit us to speak invitations to know the truth at every turn. Send more workers into the field, meaning, yes, ourselves!

Like the apostle Paul, help us to evangelize by every means possible. Let not holidays, or busy schedules, or personal issues become excuses to refrain from evangelism.

The world is filled with the lost. Give us one person today to teach. Because Jesus taught often and had compassion on sheep without a shepherd. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.