Prayer for faithfulness

Our Lord and God, you are faithful! You keep your promises. You are true to yourself, to your nature. You fulfill the prophecies you speak through your servants. You uphold your people. You vanquish evil and produce good in every place.

So we then, heavenly Father, pray for faithfulness among your children. Our times see widespread abandonment of the Way. Christians and churches are giving up the pattern of teaching which foments spirituality and progress in the kingdom. Influences pull many way, both from within and without.

We intercede for those who feel these influences. May the erring see the tragic end of their ways. Stop the exodus, Lord, by those who throw off restraint to give place to personal preference and cultural values. In drifting churches make men and women rise up who will stanch the flow toward ecumenism and denominationalism.

Strengthen those who seek fidelity in the midst of betrayal, oh God. May love for souls and desire for your glory motivate all who want to remain in the  true paths of righteousness. We know that in response to your great mercy, to the salvation offered us in the blood of Jesus Christ, obedience is necessary, submission is essential, discipleship — following Jesus — is our driving force. And not only when we want to follow, but even in the moments of stress and doubt.

May softness on the part of friends or family not pull us away. Keep sin from our door, that we not lower your demands because of our own failures. Let not fear of opposition or retaliation bridle our words.

You are our Master, so let not churches fall away from your commandments, nor disciples leave off following our Savior. Let us understand clearly our mission to preach the Good News. Open our eyes to the reality of sin and death. Keep us focused on the spiritual goal. Let us proclaim your grace which procured redemption and our necessary response to receive salvation.

May the desire for numbers not overwhelm our need for faithfulness. Bless the brotherhood, Father, as your family, that we might be your true people in every respect. May we return to being people of the Book, the proclaimers of the Word, disciples who always, everywhere, preach Jesus as only Lord and Savior.

When we must struggle on alone, oh Lord, remind us that whoever may abandon us here, you are with us, beside us, in our commitment to be loyal to you. For you are ever loyal to us, as we know in your Son, God in the flesh. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.