Whom do I have in heaven but you?
On earth there is no one I desire but you.
Psalm 73.25.

Presence. Glory. Hallowed Name.
To us great Truth these all proclaim.
We seek you, Lord, even unaware,
That our pursuit is your acclaim.
Yes, you, not things, must be our prayer.
On earth can I but you desire.
For life only you do I require.

2 thoughts on “Presence

  1. John Henson

    It’s so weird that this should be your poem while I’m working on a sermon from the same Psalm! I thought it was particularly relevant to what most of us are going through in this pandemic. I never thought any of us would be threatened, but then last week our daughter was diagnosed with the virus. Often, people are tempted to lose faith in trial for the same reasons that Asaph had lost sight of what mattered. Appearances in our world can be so deceiving. The rich look blessed and rarely suffer. Asaph saw the wicked as enjoying pleasure while he felt plagued and punished. But, then, he saw the truth; he saw the final destiny of the wicked and how their feet were on slippery ground. Finally, he realized, “Whom have I in heaven but you?” That’s a good question. It’s one I’ve come to appreciate, myself. Judy and I are praying for your health and safety in Brazil. God be with you, brother!

    1. J. Randal Matheny Post author

      And I’m going to use this psalm tomorrow in my message. Nice coincidence!
      Thank you for your prayers. May God give your daughter a quick and full recovery.


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