The most progress

If they had told me, I would never have believed the peace and satisfaction that comes from your presence, O Lord.

Let me welcome the struggles, O God, as evidence of my desire to be made over again in the image of Christ.

Let not my zeal flag in the heat of the spiritual battle. Make me diligent in correction of faults and submission to the Spirit.

Let me learn the words of Thomas:

“A man makes the most progress and [receives] the most grace precisely in those matters wherein he gains the greatest victories over self and most mortifies his will. True, each one has his own difficulties to meet and conquer, but a diligent and sincere man will make greater progress even though he have more passions than one who is more even-tempered but less concerned about virtue.”

Let me follow those good examples that you set before me.

Let me rejoice in good whenever and wherever it appears, as a manifestation of your goodness.

Let me remember Christ crucified that I might daily die with him.

Satisfy me with your promise.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.