Perfect for the redeemed in all their weakness

Your church, O God, is perfect for redeemed people in all their weakness. Your wisdom is manifest through the creation of this family, its leadership by the Lord Jesus Christ, its power by the Holy Spirit, its guidance by the inspired Scripture, its mission continuing the salvation of souls, its edification tailored to our needs for growth, repentance, sanctification, and fellowship.

Your plan needs no modifications, the ideal model for all times, for your glory. We praise you for knowing our hearts and providing us with that which we had no idea we needed.

Here is this temple built by you, where we assemble before your throne, where we enjoy your fellowship, where we magnify your name, where we exercise our faith, build up our strength, and complete our knowledge of your will.

Thank you, our Father, for transferring us into the kingdom of light. Make us people who will build up this assembly, honor the name of Christ, stand firm in the truth of the gospel, and fulfill the task of proclamation to which we have been called.

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