Rejoice in God, His Hope, His Help

Hallelujah to the Lord!
How good it is to sing to our God!
How pleasant and lovely it is to praise!

Exalt the Lord, Jerusalem,
His people raise their voice in song,
Remember all his works of love,
Acknowledge every act of grace.

Let hosts on high, and stars that shine,
Both sun and moon, and kings of men,
Let young and old, and creatures wild,
Rejoice in God, his hope, his help.

He feeds the hungry, clothes the poor,
He frees the prisoner from his chains,
He opens eyes that could not see,
He raises up the oppressed and weak,
And quickly bars the wicked’s way.

On his throne the Sovereign reigns,
Our God forever, worthy Name,
From times eternal — Hallelujah!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.