We know the God who stiffens our resolve

Father of lights, Simon Peter was so sure of his commitment to the very end, yet he buckled under pressure. His pronouncement sounded bold, but his heart gave way because he did not understand the mission of his Lord. He placed his hope in politics and battles of war, and when the Promised One took that from him, he fled.

We want to make the same bold confession of faithfulness. We want to be faithful to the point of dying for our Lord Jesus. We want to be sure of the mission to save souls for eternity. But seeing the failure of Simon, we hesitate to find courage for commitment.

Knowing our weaknesses, therefore, we say, In the strength of the Spirit and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we know the God who stiffens our resolve in the fiercest clash of battle and breaks open before us the ranks of the enemy, that the victory already accomplished on the cross may become evident in our struggles.

As Thomas prophesied, let us go with the Lord to Jerusalem, to die with him. Heaving our crosses forward behind our Master, we ask you, O God, to move our feet toward the end and fix our hearts on that final day.

We glory in your promise which never fails. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.