Responsibility for my actions

Lord, I take responsibility for my actions today and for my reactions to all that has happened to me in the past and that will happen today. I will blame no one. I will offer no excuses. I will seek no easy escape. I will possess the mind of Christ and show his kindness and patience.

You know that I am not capable of this, so I trust in your strength to be possessed of this transformed life.

Father, your sons and daughters also need such desire and power for life in Christ. So many of them are new in faith. Some are weak in their walk. Some have not yet seen the joy of full devotion. Some suffer mental anguish. Others face persecution and hardship.

Thank you for our family of faith. Let none wander away. Keep us all safe. Make love our language. Fulfill your will in us. Find praise in our midst. Blessed are you, O God, for your wisdom and compassion to make us your people and to give us those brothers and sisters that walk with us.

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