Set us to rights

Father who was and is and always will be, help us live as children of the resurrection, finding Jesus’ glorious life more and more abundant, so that the fullness of this life may repel the intrusion of self and sin and overcome evil with good.

Help us join the praise of the universe to your power, glory, and goodness.

Set us to rights in our relationships, in our attitudes and thoughts, in our habits of work, free time, and personal piety.

Show us the opportunities to remember the poor, to lift up the needy, to defend the helpless.

Free our tongues to speak the words of life to those who walk in death, who stumble in darkness, who see only suffering and senselessness to human existence.

Give us answers to the questions of doubters, give us humility before the unrevealed mysteries, give us boldness with the truths of your revelation.

Let us never forget the basic exercises of faith: hearing the Word of Scripture, seeking your face in prayer, loving the body of Christ, serving our neighbor, and proclaiming the message of salvation.

Be glorified in us, O Lord, as you were in your Son and our Savior.

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