The Humble Son to Lead

You, O Lord, created me,
A living soul,
A breathing spirit, full and free,
Complete and whole.

You gave me life, and I was filled
With joy and love;
You blessed, your presence spilled
From heaven above.

We ruined the best, your presence spurned,
Our minds rebelled,
To you, O God, our backs were turned,
Our hope expelled.

The Lord refused to leave us be,
He had a plan—
A rescue from eternity
To save his man.

So here before you now we stand
In prayer and praise,
To love and serve at your command
For all our days.

We have the humble Son to lead
And take us home;
Upon your streams of grace we feed
Until he come.

O Lord, to us be truth and light,
Our shining star;
Let Jesus make us pure and right
At Judgment’s bar.

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