Around your table

Around your table, Lord, let no betrayal form
In mind or heart, but each in place be pure and warm
To do the will of God, to join his hands in peace,
Where Christ become our only love and we decrease.

The broken bread and sorrowed cup unite and bind,
In this most sacred meal, both joy and rest we find;
We do not miss the embattled world we leave behind,
For Jesus occupies our heart and soul and mind.

With thanks for heaven’s life upon our lips we pray,
We eat and drink the Lord, and keep the world at bay;
We gather strength and will to walk the narrow Way,
As eyes are forward drawn to hasten Jesus’ day.

Communion fires the truth, the Word our tongues release
To bring all nations gospel news, the field increase;
We leave from here as one, his majesty our aim,
In full repentance sinners glorify his name.


Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.