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From Quaking Mountain and Sea

O Lord of earth and heaven, hear us!
Let love revive and service move us.
From quaking mountain and sea, come near us!
From grace let Satan not remove us.

Our Christ is King of kings, we praise him!
Disciples mustn’t deny or betray him.
No evil force detains or delays him!
We trust, confess and daily obey him.

Your word has life, Lord, let us read it!
Where the Holy Spirit lives, we’d know it.
Our hunger for justice, O God, come feed it!
You’re faithful and true, to the righteous show it.

Keep my efforts for the kingdom from flagging

Was Jesus really the one? Is there really a life after death? Is heaven real? Does it matter in this life what I do?

O God, I sweep every doubt under feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he will show me the truth.

Give me the strangeness of John the Immerser for the sake of the Kingdom. Thank you for the gift of greatness in the kingdom as one of your little ones. Continue reading