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Amen to All the Covenant

Thinking of Deuteronomy 27

Before the hill of Calvary, Amen
I say to all the covenant, and when
Declared the Twelve Curses with shout and voice
On those who fail to keep your words by choice.

For we have crossed the river’s rushing current,
Have raised the whitened stones with words transparent;
We’ve now become your people among the nations,
Who are blessed with solid hope and firm foundations.

We hear, O Lord, the curse on those who change
The gospel word, who offer doctrines strange
And dark, to add the works of man, remove
The all-sufficient Cross, your sign of love.

Amen, we say, as to ourselves a warning,
Remembered washing in the early morning,
Of word and water, sins you carried away —
We pledge that in your saving grace we’ll stay.

Courage to Face the Cold

What courage to face the cold and chill
Of winter’s water, a pool unheated!
O Father, bless this soul — fulfill
This faith refusing to be defeated.

And when her heart would lose its zeal,
When trials of faith will surely fall,
May she love’s warmth and welcome feel,
To waver not in giving her all.

When friends forsake and foes revile,
When loved ones turn their shoulder,
When Satan tempts her heart with guile,
Let not her love grow colder.

May always courage be hers to last
As she possesses to now begin,
Whatever without, in drought and draft,
To trust your spiritual powers within.

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Show me your glory

Father, thank you for the pleasant and edifying time with the saints. It is a joy to be with your family of faith. You are to be praised for your wisdom in making us your people with one mind and heart.

  • Give us a harmonious spirit, help us to be sympathetic to one another, to show affection and compassion to each other, and to be humble in every way.
  • Let the evil of others keep us from responding in kind. Help us to bless others, regardless of their actions toward us.
  • Help us to do right and to see our blessing of doing so even under duress and suffering.
  • Prepare us to answer those who ask about the hope we possess.
  • Keep us from having any reason for shame.
  • Thank you that Christ suffered to bring us to you and that we were given the grace of baptism for our salvation.
  • Thank you for his resurrection which is our guarantee of being raised to heaven.

Show me your glory, O God, that I might never lose sight of my goal.

Based on 1 Peter 3. If this prayer blessed you, please share it with someone else.