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No time for you

O Lord, the world rushes on in its small affairs, people with no time for you or for others, no patience to hear the word of truth because they are living a lie.

Keep me from going that way. Make me a crier of good news. Praise to you for showing me eternal glory. Your mercy and sovereignty have brought this gift.

Thank you for the peace of great hope, for living in the moment because we have heaven, for joy in the power of the Scriptures to save.

When I turn away from the mirror of your Word

God, help me to remember what I have seen when I turn away from my reflection in the mirror of your Word to interact with others. Your grace and your love, incarnated so vividly in Jesus, provide a model for me and show me how I should walk and talk. Help me to live for you, and not to trust only in having talked with you. Hear my cries when I grieve. Turn my heart and my feet toward you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Michael Summers

Gratitude for coherent vision

Thank you, Lord, for a coherent vision of life. Under your guidance, all things make sense. Those things we’ve not figured out yet, we recognize that you understand and in your time will reveal them, even though it be in the final judgment.

So we trust in you.

Thank you, heavenly Father, for the strength to tackle each day and the power to be different, to make a difference in people’s lives.

So we ask for your Spirit.

Thank you, O God, for revealing your will to the little people in the world, who receive it gladly.

So we seek for it humbly.

Thank you, O Revealer of truth, for free and easy access to your living Word, which guides us, instructs us, transforms us, and gives us hope of eternal life.

So we guard it in our innermost being.

As Holy Branches

God, let your Word not condemn us,
We hear and do, we love and know,
Believe, obey, in grace we grow;
As holy branches, let it trim us.

We know the Bible comes from you

Lord God, the Bible is a marvelous book, full of power, wisdom, and mind-changing truths. We know it comes from you, perfect as it is, tailored to our need, complete in every way, and evidencing the unified thread of your redemptive purpose. Continue reading

In these do our knowledge of you consist

Lord, it sometimes seems a far thing from words on a page to an intimate, dynamic relationship with you. In our minds, we look for the physical touch, the visual cues. But, between humans, these often belie a lack of relationship behind them.

In the Bible, you speak from your heart to ours, marvelous truths of yourself and us to minds perfectly created as receptacles of these reverent thoughts. Continue reading

Your way is simple

Wise Father, your way is simple. We humans complicate our lives because we refuse to follow your way. We live for the moment. We let passions dominate us. We live for self. Then come the consequences. Continue reading

Let the Word grab me and change me

Heavenly Father, through your Scriptures get my attention and direct my thoughts. Transform mind and soul through words of power, words that created world, rose men from the dead, and confounded enemies.

Let your words bring peace and fullness to all us troubled spirits who ransack the world for satisfaction.

We have left another month in the year

calendar-dec-2013Eternal God over and beyond time, we have left another month in the year, if you do not send the Lord Jesus before then, and if you choose to give us life until then. May we snap up the opportunities you give us in these last days. Continue reading

A word from God

A word from God to quench my thirst,
A mighty working to transform;
To Scripture always I turn first,
For calm and courage in the storm.

Your law’s my constant friend and guide,
My heart delights to hear and obey;
What joy, your statutes at my side!
At your command, there’s no delay.

This holy Book by God inspired,
Conducts us all before his throne;
What all our lives we e’er desired:
To know Him fully and be known.


Let me store up your word in my heart

O God who speaks, keep me aware of your word as being central to my faith and service. Let me store it up in my heart, that I might obey you and keep sin away. Let it transform me as I ponder its meaning and apply it to my daily walk with you.

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