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Evading Duties

The first stanza is based on M.B. Steinmetz

Give me courage to squarely face my life —
Evading duties cannot bring me peace,
Nor can encircling self with indulgent vices.
If I am blind to fear, restore my sight,
To prepare for a worthy passage with you, O God.

Let no excuse impair my soul’s condition,
Always discontent with my present state;
To pull at the hidden roots of a bitter spirit,
That Christ might larger loom in spiritual sight,
The lens to see the world and eternity.

Remove all bitterness from our hearts

Proverbs 14

Heavenly Father, keep us away from the path which seems right but leads to death. We want to follow the way which is truly good.

Enlighten us that we might not believe everything we hear. On the other hand, let us not be jaded, refusing to put our faith in truth and in forgiveness.

We fear you and want to walk in righteousness. Steer our feet away from deceitful steps.

Thank you for the Lord Jesus who took upon himself our guilt. We are grateful for the joy we share in your Spirit. Remove all bitterness from our hearts. Let our laughter not hide sadness from suffering.

Restrain our tongues and hands from acting on impulse. Free us from being irritated at small things. Save us from slyness and smugness.

You as Creator made all people and treat them equally. Close our eyes to what people possess when we deal with them.